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I am an Electrical Engineer by training. My career spanned 35 years in computer system and microprocessor design and development, and 3D graphics graphics chip design and development. My comfort with computer hardware, software and graphics has allowed me to integrate my love of woodworking, hand tools and power tools with computers and software tools. On this page I will describe the applications I use most and give specific examples where I have applied them in my work. These are not meant to be product reviews but rather a general description of the product with some opinions and experiences thrown in.

Four applications are at the heart of my furniture design process:

  1. TurboCADTM Professional, by IMSI Design, LLC, is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool for 2D and 3D design. It is optimized for architectural and mechanical design. TurboCADTM is both a surface and solid modeler. For a more complete description see TurboCADTM Professional.
  2. Google SketchUp is a modeling tool that you can use to create, modify and share 3D models. It comes in two versions. Google SketchUp 6 which can be downloaded and used for free. Google SketchUp Pro 6 adds the ability to share your data with other software, get email technical support, and create professional presentations—both print and digital—from your models. SketchUp is a surface modeler. For a more complete description see Google SketchUp.
  3. CutlistPlus by Bridgewood Design is a cut list & parts manager that also aids in material inventory, labor tracking and proposal generation. It is optimized for sheet goods woodworking such as cabinet making but works for fine furniture making as well.
  4. Wood Movement Master by Kite Hill Software is an application that lets you calculate how much pieces in your project will expand/contract with seasonal temperature and humidity changes. It supports a large number of moisture meters and wood species.


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