Swamp Road Wood Works LogoShaker Bench At Hancock Shaker Village, Hancock, MA.

Logo Origin


The Story Behind The SRWW Logo

"Swamp Road" is the right fork.You may be wondering about the origin of my logo. Swamp Road Wood Works is located on West Street in Worthington, Massachusetts. Once a major thoroughfare on which a school and one of two churches in town resided, it is now merely a secondary residential dirt road. In the recent past it was a lesser maintained road, rather low with steep hills on one side. Rain and melting snow ran down the hill keeping West Street constantly wet and muddy; especially during "mud season" - the thaw months of late March, April and early May. The locals took to calling it Swamp Road and some still do. There was even a failed attempt to change its name to the more endearing Swamp Road. Hence the logo with horizontal lines forming a road, traveled by a saw blade kicking up mud.

Welcome to Swamp Road - Wood Works that is.


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