72If you are reading this blog – either for the first time or as a return visitor – you are likely aware that I have posted here an eight part SketchUp tutorial for beginners. Recently, one of my “students”, a beginner who completed every tutorial, sent me a copy of his first design modeled from start to finish in SketchUp. I of course, was pleased that he learned enough from my tutorials to conquer a complete model, but what really struck me was the designs simple elegance. With his permission I am making the SketchUp file available on my blog. Click here to download it. I have also placed it in my Free SketchUp Furniture Plans page for downloading.

The designers name is Earl Creel. I have seen many pictures of Earl’s completed projects; enough to know that he is an accomplished woodworker. I think you will like this 72″ HDTV Console inspired by Green Design’s Neehi Collection (http://www.greendesigns.com). I particularly like the detail; bowed top with chamfered ends and front, chamfered drawer fronts and tapered legs.

The design can be easily adjusted to fit available space and accommodate components that may be placed in the console. To change the length only the top, back and bottom lengths need to be changed. The spacing of the divider frames can be adjusted to allocate the space available for drawers and shelves differently. The drawers can be eliminated and all space used for open shelving. Alternatively, the center speaker of an audio system can go where the lower drawer front is in the model. The design breaks down into 4 frames plus the top, back and bottom. If these parts were joined with joint connector bolts or other quick knock down fasteners, the console could be disassembled for easy transport, repair, refinish or modification.

This model is well laid out and textured. Earl got most of the texture files from the SketchUp Community Forums, though he spliced some end to end to account for the long nature of this design. The model’s file size is rather large owing to these textures (approximately 2 MB).

This is quite some Graduate Project for someone who only started learning SketchUp a matter of weeks ago.