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Back Issues


  • May 12
    1. Shaker Tall Clock Documentation Updated
    2. LayOut 2 Tutorials Started
    3. Taking The SpaceNavigator For A Test Drive
    4. A New Layers Management Ruby Script
    5. Jim Foltz Updated His Construction Line Tool
    6. Coming In The Next Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter
  • July 14
    1. SpacePilot Pro
    2. Woodworking In America 2010
    3. SketchUp Free Verses SketchUp Pro
    4. Trundle Bed Crafting
    5. Wood Movement Calculator
    6. Re-Run – An American Chippendale Mirror
    7. The Wood Database
    8. Coming In The Next Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter
  • September 11
    1. Google Releases SketchUp 8 – But the “Bait and Switch” Is On
    2. SRWW Gets a New Addition – Grizzly G0512 Edge Sander
    3. Re-Run – Play the Hand You’re Dealt
    4. Oakside Classic Clocks
    5. High School Push Stick
    6. Performax Pro 22-44 Gets Five Out Of Five Stars
    7. New Shop Tour Page
    8. Woodworking in America 2010
  • December 1
    1. Amber Baker Apprentices at Swamp Road Wood Works
    2. Beginner’s SketchUp Tutorial, The Video Version
    3. Re-Run – Woodworkers And Digital Photography
    4. The Art of Woodshop Design
    5. My Favorite Ruby Scripts
    6. Thoughts on Turning 65


  • January 25
    1. The Spice Rack Is Completed & Amber Baker Is On To New Adventures
    2. Trundle Bed Crafting Update
    3. Clamp Storage at Swamp Road Wood Works
    4. A Student’s Graduate Project – Textured Morris Chair
    5. Chiefwoodworker Introduces SketchUp at the Saratoga Showcase
    6. Coming To a Blog Near You
    7. Re-Run – Bill, Frank & The Tool Chest
    8. Back Issues of Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter Now Available
  • April 3
    1. Warren Snow’s Desk, Modeled in SketchUp & Rendered in SU Podium
    2. My Visit to the 20th Annual NWA Saratoga Woodworkers Showcase
    3. The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts
    4. Tormek T-7 Sharpening System with Hand Tool Kit
    5. Peter Follansbee Is The Real Deal
    6. Re-Run – Printing To Scale In SketchUp
    7. Follow Up to Bill, Frank & The Tool Chest
    8. Chiefwoodworker Goes Academic
  • June 27
    1. The Heartwood School – for the Homebuilding Crafts
    2. Who Needs Wood Glue Anyway?
    3. Sharpening Day in the Shop with My New Tormek T7
    4. Re-Run – I’ll Stick With My Bedrocks Thank You – At Least For Now
    5. SketchUp Tool Series
  • August 15
    1. Compound Miters for N-Sided Tapered Boxes
    2. Can You Produce Detailed Build Plans for a Home in SketchUp? Yup!
    3. Re-Run – Cut List Ruby Script Connects SketchUp & CutList Plus
    4. Northeastern Woodworkers Association 2012 Lecture Series
    5. Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
  • December 21
    1. Thank God I’m A Country Boy
    2. New England School of Architectural Woodworking
    3. Chief’s Home Design Project in SketchUp
    4. Re-Run – A Tool To Assist In Designing For Wood Movement
    5. Three New Tools Added to Construction Plus Toolbar
    6. Chiefwoodworker’s Calendar of SketchUp Classes


  • March 29
    1. Chief Acquires Two New Apprenti
    2. New England School of Architectural Woodworking (NESAW)
    3. Chief’s Home Design Project in SketchUp (Update)
    4. It’s A Busy Time in the Shop These Days
    5. Chiefwoodworker’s Calendar of SketchUp Classes
    6. New England School of Architectural Woodworking Class Schedules
    7. The Heartwood School – SketchUp for Timber Framing
  • June 11
    1. Installation and Graduation Time at the New England School of Architectural Woodworking
    2. New England School of Architectural Woodworking Class Schedule
    3. Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
    4. Lie-Nielsen – An Exceptional Quality, Made In America and Customer Conscious Company
    5. Jesse Moy Graduates
    6. CutList Bridge – an Export tool for Flexible Cut Lists with Special Features for Cabinetmakers
    7. SketchUp Home Construction Is Proceeding On Schedule
  • October 6
    1. Holiday Season Gift Ideas for the Woodworker
    2. Re-run – Printing to Scale in Trimble SketchUp
    3. SketchUp Class at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
    4. CutList Bridge 2.2 is Released and Significantly Improved
    5. Upcoming Events You May Be Interested In


  • March 9
    1. The Shaker Drop Leaf Table, aka Shaker Drop Leaf Harvest Table
    2. Introducing a New Video Series – CutList Bridge Tutorial
    3. Upcoming Events You May Be Interested In
    4. Re-run – Hancock Shaker Village In Hancock, Massachusetts


  • May 19 
    1. Where in the World Is Chiefwoodworker?
    2. Chief Teams with Popular Woodworking & American Woodworker
    3. Chief Goes Blogging on
    4. He’s Baaaack! Jesse Moy Returns To SRWW
    5. Still Woodworking after All These Years
    6. Re-run – Matching Bedroom Set Pieces Designed in SketchUp
    7. Chief ’s Plugins Updated for SketchUp 2014 Compatibility

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4 Responses to “Back Issues of Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter”

  1. Bob Schlowsky says:

    I have been enjoying your blog and have really made some headway with Sketchup since I viewed your video tutorials. I do CNC work, but never really got comfortable with the quirkiness of Sketchup until I tried using it your way. Thanks

    I was reading about Frank’s tool chest and found what I think is a Sketchup file of the original. The data says it was done by Robert Lang, the executive editor of Popular Woodworking.
    I really look forward to your writing each month

  2. Joe says:


    Thanks very much for that information. I have already passed it on to the gentleman that was looking for the model. He lives down under in Australia. The Internet sure makes the world small.

    I am glad you like the newsletter and are finding the tutorials helpful. Stay tuned for the intermediate series starting this week.


  3. Rick says:

    Was looking at the photo in the Dec news letter. Is that a dual trace Textronic scope? Sure brings back memories.
    Spent the late 60’s fixing crypto gear for the Air Force.
    Will be 65 this year and spent the last 40 years in the
    woodworking business. The last 20 years doing CAD and CNC.

  4. Joe says:


    Yup, it was a Tektronix 545A, dual trace scope. A beautiful piece of equipment. I think it cost about $2,000 at the time. All vacuum tube. I was quite a scope jockey in my day. I always thought of the 545 as the best scope ever. When the transistor versions came out, they of course were portable, which was nice, but they were also cramped and difficult to get at the controls.


    I use to visit Tektronix a lot; they were DEC customers. I got to know a lot of their engineers. Tektronix was a great company to work for (so was DEC).

    You are right. Sure brings back memories.