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The 2016 Popular Woodworking in America (formerly Woodworking in America) is September 16 – 18 and yours truly will be speaking, joining a renowned cast of speakers including Marc Adams, Chris Schwarz and Roy Underhill. My presentations will include two SketchUp talks:

  • Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan is directed at SketchUp beginners and will demonstrate how to use SketchUp to model furniture pieces and create shop drawings.

    Download Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan here (This presentation was mostly live modeling in SketchUp).

  • SketchUp Clinic is about organizing your model to produce useful & professional shop drawings. It is directed at experienced SketchUp modelers and will provide a best practices strategy for organizing your SketchUp model so that it may be easily imported into LayOut, a professional presentation and documentation application that comes with the Pro license of SketchUp.

    Download SketchUp Clinic here.

Each of these talks will be two hours in length and each given twice.

There are numerous presentations and classes over the three days of WIA. You can view the session descriptions here and the session schedules here. In addition to woodworking classes there is a trade show with the manufacturers of your favorite tools. Most importantly there are Friday and Saturday evening activities for those who want to tip a few while talking to fellow woodworkers. Brought to you by the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Popular Woodworking in America (now PopWIA) is one of the nation’s best woodworking and trade shows and is headed back to the Greater Cincinnati Area for another great show! Come join us.

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3 Responses to “Popular Woodworking in America – September 16-18”

  1. Dale Wilkins says:

    I am a rank Newbie and a beginning woodworker who has just installed SketchUp Make. Later this week I will be purchasing and installing CutList Bridge. Is there a Ruby script for getting from SketchUp or CutList Bridge to help create a cutting diagram? For example, my project has numerous pieces of 3/4″ plywood. I need to lay them out on 4’x8′ pieces of plywood so I can cut them out, and also to learn how many sheets of plywood I need to purchase. For example, in your SketchUp book, Intro\Figure 10 shows 10 pieces of Yellow Poplar. What size piece of Yellow Poplar do I need to buy?

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Dale,

    CutList Bridge will export a file native to CutList Plus fx, a sheet optimization tool. You don’t need an additional Ruby script.


  3. Keith Feldhaus says:

    How was WIA, this year? Also, how is the Beta testing going for Cabwriter? Haven’t heard or seen much on the forum, lately 🙁