SketchUp is woodworker’s chosen tool for creating shop drawings; CutList Plus fx by Bridgewood Design is the leading tool for generating optimized sheet layouts and materials lists. These two industry leading tools don’t natively communicate. That became history with the introduction of CutList Bridge. Now CutList Bridge 3 is even more powerful and rich with new features and is ready for even better things to come.

CutList Bridge Extension for SketchUp

You can purchase CutList Bridge 3 from the Popular Woodworking On-Line Store.

What is CutList Bridge?

New CutList Bridge 3 TabsMany of you have used this tool before, but for those of you who have not, CutList Bridge is a SketchUp Ruby extension. It extends the attributes of components to include such things as the material type used in its milling, the species or material name, re-sized dimensions, shop method tags, the sub-assembly to which it belongs and much more. These attributes are attached to the component and stored in the model file. The user can export these attribute to a comma separated value file (.csv aka CSV) and subsequently import that file into CutList Plus fx to produce a cut list, materials list, optimized cutting diagrams and project costing. If the user doesn’t have a CutList Plus fx license the CSV file can be imported to Microsoft Excel, Open/Office Calc or any spread sheet application that supports CSV importing.

A very important feature of CutList Bridge is that it stores all components’ material and milling attributes in the SketchUp model file. The user need keep only one file of a design and doesn’t have to worry about synchronizing other files when design changes are made. The CSV, CutList Plus fx, Excel or Calc files can all be reproduced in about four mouse clicks.

What’s New in CutList Bridge 3?

CutList Bridge 3 now supports component numbering capability including manually by the user, automatically in alphabetical or numerical order by CutList Bridge 3 and automatically by CabWriter. CabWriter is a new SketchUp Ruby extension to be announced later this fall. CabWriter automatically draws custom cabinets using a simple and powerful user interface; see the CabWriter drawn kitchen below. CutList Bridge 3 is CabWriter ready.

A CabWriter Drawn Kitchen

A new Tags field has been added to tag critical shop operations such as adjacent component grain matching. Any shop critical operation can be tagged in this text field and can be alphabetically sorted to assist in efficient performance of these shop operations. This field will also be supported in future releases of CutList Plus fx.

Re-sizing of thickness capability has been added to the Resizing field. And now there are three new fields to export the finished or As Drawn dimensions. These too will be supported in the next CutList Plus fx release.

There are a number of internal changes that make CutList Bridge 3 ready for CabWriter as well as the next version of CutList Plus fx.
For more information on CutList Bridge 3 see the CutList Bridge User’s Guide. Below is a partial cut list of the kitchen shown in the above image exported to CutList Plus fx.

A CutList Bridge Generated Cut List Exported To CutList Plus fx


Where Can I Get CutList Bridge 3?

CutList Bridge 3 is distributed exclusively by Popular Woodworking. You can purchase CutList Bridge 3 from the Popular Woodworking On-Line Store.

Is there a Training Course for CutList Bridge 3?

PWUlogo_300Yes. There’s a three segment on-line course titled Using CutList Bridge 3 and given by Popular Woodworking University. Each segment is approximately one hour long and covers creating a cut list for three types of woodworking project: Furniture Pieces, Custom Cabinets & Structures such as a shed, home and home addition.

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5 Responses to “CutList Bridge 3 for SketchUp & CutList Plus fx”

  1. Mike Hannon says:

    Have installed CutList Bridge 3. I can add new items to rough lumber and dimensioned lumber but I cannot add items to sheet goods.

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Mike,

    Let me check it out and get back to you shortly.


  3. Joe says:

    Hi Mike,

    Is it adding a material to the Sheet Good list that you are having trouble with? I just tried it and had no problem. In fact I added material to all three lists and then went back and removed the materials and had no problem. Can you give me a little more information? Or write me at so we can arrange a phone conversation? Thanks.


  4. Pat Soran says:

    I recently purchased your Cutlist Bridge3 (Popular Woodworking Order 2700150792) and installed in SketchUp Make. Somehow I got the first CutlistBridge Tutorial! How do I get the remaining video tutorials (if that is possible).

    I was able to make Excel spreadsheet cutlist after watching your first video. However, I also have Cutlist Plus FX, but when I try to read the .csv file in Cutlist Plus the program tells me there is a reading error. I did use the export to Cutlist file export in Sketchup.

  5. Joe says:

    Hi Pat,

    When you import the .csv file into CutList Plus fx you have to use the File/Import Parts command.

    The Part 1 training video you have seen is old and was meant for CutList Bridge 2. Part 2, also old, can be seen at

    There is a new set of training videos that will be available on Popular Woodworking University in the form of a PWU Course. If you wish to sign up for it you can go to