I am pleased to announce that American Woodworker and Chiefwoodworker have teamed to bring in-depth and quality SketchUp training to a greater audience of woodworkers. Beginning March 12, 2013 Chiefwoodworker’s Beginner’s SketchUp Tutorials and Intermediate SketchUp Tutorials will be available exclusively through AmericanWoodworkerTV.

AWtv-Beginners-trailerFrom the day I learned of Google SketchUp (now Trimble SketchUp) I became convinced it was a tool perfectly tailored for woodworkers. I have worked hard since 2007 to provide training to fellow woodworkers in the use of this tool. I have met a lot of woodworkers over the last six years and believe I succeeded in giving them the training they needed to add Trimble SketchUp to their woodworking toolbox.

However, the reach of Chiefwoodworker’s Blog can’t compare to the audience American Woodworker enjoys. American Woodworker is dedicated to providing training to woodworkers in all areas of woodworking with quality videos hosted by knowledgeable and expert woodworkers. It is my hope and belief that reaching a much greater audience with my tutorials will provide a greater service to woodworkers everywhere. I am delighted and proud to team with American Woodworker to benefit my fellow woodworkers.

AWtv-intermediate-trailerChiefwoodworker’s Blog will continue to provide posts, newsletters and videos on woodworking and SketchUp and I will continue to support my fellow woodworkers with SketchUp assistance when asked. In addition, I will continue to develop and provide SketchUp plugins. I also expect that my relationship with American Woodworker will grow. So stay tuned to my website (, Chiefwoodworker’s Blog, Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter and look for me on

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2 Responses to “AmericanWoodworkerTV Hosts Chief’s Beginner’s & Intermediate SketchUp Tutorials”

  1. mike says:

    hi so now we have to pay to watch your tutorials ? how sad is this

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Mike,

    For 5+ years my beginner’s and intermediate tutorials were free; approximately six hours of instructional video each tutorial. During that period two things happened: First the cost of producing and maintaining those videos grew to the point where my fixed income could no longer support it. Second, it became clear that I could not reach as many potential SketchUp users as an organization like American Woodworker could, and my goal has always been to help woodworkers learn this powerful and useful too.

    It costs me just shy of $100 a month to host and maintain my blog and that does not include the expensive software I need to purchase and maintain to produce videos, blog posts, graphics etc. And of course none of that includes my time, which I gladly donate to producing my videos and blog material. Since my videos have been on American Woodworker the number of people viewing them has increased about 12 times, which means I can help 12 time as many woodworkers learn SketchUp.

    My website and blog are still a source of free videos and SketchUp plugins and will always be. Of the $20 a viewer pays for my videos I receive a small fraction. So I don’t think it is sad that these videos are available for the small fee of $20 for six hours of instructional video. Not at all. I am quite pleased with the opportunity to work with American Woodworker to bring woodworkers these videos.