The Heartwood SchoolI have written before about The Heartwood School, which is focused on homebuilding crafts, particularly timber framing. Heartwood resides in the town of Washington located in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. It is run by Will and Michele Beemer. The school offers a full range of home construction and woodworking courses – including a SketchUp course for timber framers. New courses this year include Build Your Own: Country Windsor Chair.

The Heartwood School’s course list and 2013 schedule is shown below. For a complete course description go to the table below and in the second column locate the course of interest and click the link. For further information or to register contact Michele Beemer at 413/623-6677, or

April 15-19 Fundamentals of Woodworking
April 22-26 Cabinetmaking
April 29-May3 Build Your Own: Woodworker’s Workbench
May 30-June 1 SketchUp for Timber Framers
June 1-2 Basic Concrete Countertops
June 7-9 Advanced Concrete Countertops
June 10-14 Build Your Own: Country Windsor Chair
June 13-15 Eyebrow Dormers
June 17-21 Build Your Own: Shavehorse
June 22-23 History of Timber Framing
June 24-28 Timber Framing
July 5-6 Build a Skin-on-frame Canoe
July 8-12 Converting Trees to Timber
July 15-26 Comprehensive Homebuilding
July 29-Aug. 2 Carpentry for Women
Aug. 12-16 Finish Carpentry
Aug. 19-23 Timber Framing
Aug. 26-30 Scribed Timber Framing
Sept. 5-7 Timber Frame Design & Joinery Decisions
Sept. 9-13 Compound Roof Framing
Sept. 16-20 Build Your Own: Pole Lathe
Sept. 23-27 Build Your Own: Heirloom Dovetail Toolchest
Sept. 30-Oct. 4 Stairbuilding
Oct. 7-11 Fundamentals of Woodworking
Oct. 14-18 Cabinetmaking
Oct. 21-25 Home Design for Owners & Builders

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