CutList Bridge 2.5 is now available for download. CutList Bridge comes with a CutList Bridge User’s Guide that will explain installation procedures and all features and functionality. The User’s Guide gives three examples of types of woodworking that benefit from its features. You can download CutList Bridge 2.5 with this link. Please report all strange behavior or bugs to and don’t hesitate to write if you need help.

Changes In Version 2.5

Version 2.5 fixes a bug introduced in version 2.4 and is a must upgrade. This bug will cause the user to potentially loose work and attributes. In version 2.4 I changed and included code to make it unnecessary to use the Save Attributes key to save attributes. Each input change is saved as it is entered. If multiple components are selected and an attribute is entered or changed, only that attribute will be changed in all selected components. Blank fields, unless one or more became blank due to an intentional change, will not be written to all components. This eliminates the need for the Save Attributes button. The button remains but is harmless and it will be removed in version 3.0.

In the process of making this change to version 2.4 I introduced a bug that is fixed in version 2.5. Sorry folks.

Help With Installation

Download the CutList Bridge User’s Guide and locate the Installation section in the index. After reviewing this section also review Installing Ruby Plugins and follow the instructions under the heading “Older versions of SketchUp and .rb files”.

CutList Bridge Tutorial Series

I have begun a series of tutorial videos to help you learn the features of CutList Bridge. Part 1 of 3 was recently released and can be found at CutList Bridge Tutorial – Part 1. Part 2 was released today and can be found at CutList Bridge Tutorial – Part 2. Stay tuned for Part 3.

Attention MAC Users

Known Issue With Version 2.5

If you are a MAC user and have the latest Safari Version 6.0.2 but do not have the latest OSX Mountain Lion installed, you will not be able to use CutList Bridge to add component attributes. Safari 6.0.2 in older versions of the OSX make text input fields black instead of white masking the black characters entered by the user. This is a MAC problem and not a CutList Bridge 2.5 problem.

However, I have provided a work around. If, after you install CutList Bridge as instructed above, your input fields show up with black backgrounds, follow these instructions:

  1. Download by clicking on this hyperlink.
  2. Extract the file cutlist_bridge.css from the ZIP folder and move it to the folder …. \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge (note the two levels of cutlist_bridge folder). This replaces the file of the same name that is already in your Plugins file under folder \cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge (note again the two levels of cutlist_bridge folder).
  3. Close SketchUp and reopen it. You CutList Bridge input fields will still have a black background, but your entries will be red characters making them visible.

Models To Practice With

There are three models which you can download that already have attributes assigned. You can use these models to produce a cut list and experiment with changes to the attributes. The Shaker Tall Clock demonstrates most of the basic features of CutList Bridge. Base Cabinet, thanks to Matt Richardson and Greg Larson of NESAW, demonstrates most of the special Cabinet Mode features. SketchUp Home demonstrates a very large cut list whose Sub-Assembly names are automatically generated with the Sub-Assembly by Layer feature. Click the links below to download each model.

Shaker Tall Clock
Base Cabinet
SketchUp Home

Below is an image of a SketchUp cut list exported to OpenOffice. Not all lines are shown.

SketchUp Cut List Exported to OpenOffice

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9 Responses to “CutList Bridge 2.5 Released – Download & Installation Procedure”

  1. Mike KIngsley says:

    I am having problems importing the raw materials list from Cut list Pro. I created a new Heading under dimensioned lumber for Doug Fir added all the standard sixes you find in the “box stores” 2x4x 4x4x etc. But after I export the file into plugins it is not picked up by Bridge at all. It only lists the files that come in the Bridge plugin.

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Mike,

    Are you running on a PC platform with Windows 8 OS?

    Or if other platform/OS combination please let me know.


  3. Mike KIngsley says:

    no I am win 7

  4. Mike KIngsley says:

    And I am running version 12.1.1 on Cutlist

  5. Joe says:


    A few questions and things to try:

    1) After you exported the file from CutList Plus fx did you create new Rough Lumber, Dimensioned Lumber and Sheet Good files using the Extended Entity Info Lists tab Create List button? Anytime you change the Materials.csv file in \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge\ you need to remake your lists using the Create List button and then Backup List button. You need to do this for each list you changed. If you only added something to your Dimensioned Lumber Raw Materials in CutList Plus fx then you only need to change the Dimensioned Lumber list in CutList Bridge.

    2. If 1. above doesn’t seem t be the problem it is possible that the OS is not writing to your Plugins folder, but a virtual folder when requested by either CutList Plus fx or CutList Bridge. You can check this by examining this folder with your correct username and SketchUp version inserted:

    C:\Users\Joe Zeh\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp Pro 8\Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge

    Test this by making changes to Dimensioned Lumber raw materials in CutList Plus fx and exporting them to \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge\Materials.csv. If the changes didn’t show up in \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge\Materials.csv, but did in C:\Users\Joe Zeh\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp Pro 8\Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge\Materials.csv then CutList Plus fx is being redirected to a virtual store by the OS.

    Run the same experiment by using the Create List and see where the changes end up.

    3. If either of the above indicates writing to the virtul store instead of the \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge folder then either your OS thinks you do not have permissions to write to an application folder or you are not the system administrator. If the problem is with CutList Plus fx writing to virtual store then Export in CutList Plus fx to your desktop and then manually copy the Materials.csv file to \Plugins\cutlist_bridge\cutlist_bridge.

    4. If the results in 3. indicate that CutList Bridge is writing to the virtual store then I will have to think of something else.

    Either way let me know how you make out. If it would be more convenient to work over the phone send me your phone number via email (assuming you live in the US continent) and a time to call when you can be at your machine. I will call you.


  6. Ken Harrington says:


    Will the current version of Cutlist Bridge work with the new SketchUp 2015?


  7. Joe says:

    Hi Ken,

    Yes, CutList Bridge 2.8 works with SketchUp Make and Pro 2015.


  8. Ken Harrington says:

    Thanks Joe, I didn’t realize you were up to version 2.8, Thought the current version was 2.5.

    Is there a mailing list I can get on when new versions are released?

    Thanks again, this is a great plug-in.


  9. Joe says:

    Hi Ken,

    Sign up for my newsletter at the top of my bog page. I will announce updates there and I hope to have some major ones this summer as well as a new and in MHO powerful one.