Dovetailed Components Interface WindowOccasionally I update the tools in the Construction Plus toolbar; usually with fixes and minor modifications. This time, in addition to such changes, Dovetailed Components has been significantly enhanced. In addition to drawing drawer sides for traditional drawers automatically, it now draws contemporary drawers and tailboards automatically too. Contemporary drawers are much more common in today’s furniture and tailboards are useful in constructing carcasses, grandfather clocks, jewelry boxes, blanket chests and much more.

With this release I have included a short User’s Guide. When you download and install it, by extracting it to the Plugins folder, you will find Dovetailed Components User’s Guide.pdf in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp Pro 8\Plugins\dovetailed_components directory. Of course, your directory will be somewhat different depending on your platform (MAC or PC), Operating System version and SketchUp version and license. So adjust accordingly.

I hope you find this tool useful. I have ambitious plans for its evolution; Dovetailed Components will eventually model the entire drawer, including front, back and bottom. In addition it will allow for custom tails and pins with unequal spacing. In the meantime enjoy this version.

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2 Responses to “Dovetailed Components Ruby Script Enhanced–Updates to Construction Plus Included”

  1. Leon says:

    I am from South Africa and having problems to use Cutlist 4.1.1. We have a metic system and our mdf/particle boards are of a larger size than the 4foot x 8 foot that you folks use in the USA. Is there a way i can change the sizes of the boards to suit our size of 1,8 x 2,7 meters ?
    How must i name my components so that it will show as sheet goods and not as normal lumber boards ? Hope this was understandable


  2. Joe says:


    I assume you are using Cutlist 4.1.1 to export your components to CutList Plus. If that is not the case let me know.

    In CutList Plus go to the Setting/General Preferences menu and under the Numeric Display Styles tab choose either Centimeters or Millimeters under Dimension Style.

    Now you can go to your Raw Materials definitions and change the width, length and thickness to Metric dimensions.

    Select the Window/Model Info menu, and then the Units page. Choose Decimal in the Format drop down box. Then choose either Millimeters, Centimeters or Meters in the units drop down box. I suggest you make SketchUp and CutList Plus consistent. That is Millimeters & Millimeters or Centimeters and Centimeters.

    To name components so that they appear as sheet goods please read my CutList artilcle at This is a PDF of my 8-15-2011 newsletter. On page 10 is the CutList article and it will explain all you need.

    Hope this helps. Write me at if you still have questions.