Steve Baumgartner ( discovered a bug in my Get Dimensions tool and sent me code changes to fix it. He also changed the Status text box to be consistent with the Outliner names. The latter may be marginally helpful if the group or component name is longer than the Status text box; SketchUp does not permit stretching this box to accommodate longer names.

Misaligend and Correctly Aligned SolidsThe bug Steve fixed is significant. You should download the Construction Plus Zip file and update your Plugins folder. However, there is still a potential problem in using this tool. The picture at left shows two solids; one not desirably aligned with its bounding box (misaligned) and the other correctly aligned. Hence, the dimensions the tool will display for the misaligned solid are not the dimensions you would expect. This can occur whenever you create a part and rotate it before you make it a solid, or when you draw it relative to current components and then make it a solid. An example of the latter might be drawing a rafter of a house in place, using the ridge board and wall plate to assist in creating it.

In the case of groups, since there is always one instantiation of a group, all you need do to correct this problem is align the group to a major plane (red/green, red/blue or blue/green) and axis, explode the group and re-make it. If you made copies of a misaligned group you will have to fix each one independently; but shame on you for using a group.Winking smile

In the case of components, misaligned instances are not a problem (thanks to Steve’s fix) provided the original creation of the component (the one in the library) was aligned properly. If the component in the library is misaligned you can fix it by using the context tool Change Axis. But be careful, this will transform all instances of that component.

As a general rule you should align all groups and components to a major plane and axis (preferably the red/green plane and red axis. If you need to create a solid in place, and it is misaligned as a result, fix the first instance or copy before proceeding to use other instances of a component or copies of a group. This will ensure that tools like Get Dimensions and Cut List will always provide the expected dimensions.

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