One Of Many Transformers DownThe weather forecasts all included major storm warnings for the New England and Eastern New York area. I read them all and fully expected a nasty day. But as usual I automatically downgraded the forecasts in my mind. After all, in this day of class action suits we all know the forecasts are significantly biased to the worst case.

So I spent Thursday evening, December 11, 2008, watching the news until CNN was lost due to bad weather – a common occurrence with satellite. I switched to a movie channel and began watching – you guessed it – Class Action. A few minutes into the movie power went out. It returned a few minutes later.

About three quarters into the movie the power went out again – approximately 9 pm. It didn’t return. I went to bed with a flash light and read.

Looking Up My Driveway While Standing On West StreetThe following morning I was to leave early for Boston to see my daughter sworn in and licensed by the Massachusetts bar. This was a proud moment for me.

When I awoke the power still hadn’t returned. A cold shower was the worst I thought I would suffer. However, when I looked out my window I could see power lines and trees down in my driveway. I thought "the power outage must be limited to me and my daughter’s house" (my eldest daughter who lives on the same driveway as I).

The Storm Can Be BeautifulThen it dawned on me – trees and power lines are blocking my driveway. I ventured outside and walked the length of my driveway to the street. My heart sunk. I wasn’t going anywhere. I still had phone service, though my daughter did not. I called the power company and they informed me that this was a major storm affecting most of eastern New York and New England, perhaps a million outages.

Broken hearted and somewhat depressed, not to mention a little angry that the gods picked that particular day, I called to inform my daughter. She would soon be an officer of the court; I would miss the day we both had been waiting for.

I spent from 9 pm on Thursday evening until 1 pm on Sunday with no heat, electricity, and only what water was in the tank. The nights ranged from 7 to 17 degrees. The days were in the 20s. The house was literally freezing and I was afraid my pipes would freeze. I called my brother and he informed me his son-in-law had an extra generator. On Sunday my nephew and brother delivered the generator from Westerlo, New York.

After nearly three days without energy of any kind my house feels like the Ritz Worthington now. Power is still not restored. But this is comfort I can live with.

Beauty & The BeastI would like to say that even though we are still without power, the work of the Worthington Volunteer Fire Department, the Western Massachusetts Electric Company and all the visiting tree services and power companies from all over the US, and Verizon has been exceptional. These people are working in the cold, wet weather 24/7 and doing yeoman work. My thanks to them.

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3 Responses to “Major Ice Storm Hits New England”

  1. Willow Shire says:

    Wow! Thanks for the photos, Joe. I live on Cape Cod and I feel guilty for having dry roads and constant electricity and also a bit sad to have missed the winter wonderland of Worthington. What an experience it must be. It’s good to know that you folks in the western part of the state are still rugged New Englanders who aren’t totally thrown by extreme weather. I fear my neighbors have gone soft and would be paniced by now. Stay warm!

  2. Michael says:

    Glad to hear you folks are OK out there on the east coast. The snow has started to fall here in the Midwest and will be heading your way in a few days. I also heard on the radio this week that we could expect another winter like last year. Stay safe and keep that generator handy.

  3. Eric Zeh says:

    Wow – nice pictures. I have a few, but my camera wasn’t really charged. The maple by the library is amazing.

    Anyway, glad you are all ok.