Frank Redmile Adjusting A Longcase Most woodworkers eventually find themselves building a case for a mechanical clock movement. I can tell you from painful personal experience that the choice of movement can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. In addition, finding design documentation and support, particularly finding answers to questions that will invariably arise, is almost impossible. Fortunately there are reputable suppliers if you know where to look. One such dealer is Oakside Classic Clocks.

Oakside Classic Clocks of England is a one person business. Frank Redmile, owner and sole proprietor, designs and creates longcase clocks that sell all around the globe. Frank also has the largest inventory of German made Kiesinger movements. In addition to his finished clocks, Frank sells Kieninger clock movement kits to hobbyist clockmakers and woodworkers. If you need Kieninger replacement parts, Oakside Classic Clocks is the place to look. Likewise, you can get movements, movement documentation, dials, pendulums or other accessories. Check out Frank’s website or contact him directly on his Contact page.

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