Merry Christmas Well it never fails. I just returned from a Lie-Nielsen tool show in Sturbridge, MA. An LN-62 followed me home like a new puppy.

I had it in mind to buy the large scraper plane for finishing figured woods such as tiger maple. I actually bought it. But Chris Becksvoort was at the show and after a long conversation he convinced me that a better option was the Low Angle Jack and several blades.

With each blade sharpened to a different angle, from the stock angle to 50 degrees (62 with the bed angle of 12 degrees), I would have several well tuned tools in one and could then select the best one for the job. I had actually heard this argument before from Chris Schwarz. So I gave the LN 62 a go, right there at the show, on some particularly tough grained tiger maple. It worked beautifully. It left the surface smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I canceled the Large Scraper order and substituted the LN-62. I am happy to report that both Chiefwoodworker and LN-62 are doing well.

Now the saw is a different story. I am known in my family as a hum bug kinda guy (it’s not really true, I just like to pretend). My family is always trying to find ways to get me in the Christmas spirit. So my son and daughter-in-law gave me this saw, intended to be a welcoming sign for my shop during the Christmas season. But I thought I might clean it up (get rid of all that paint), sharpen it and add it to my fine tool collection. I have some sawing I have to do this week and this saw should work just fine.

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