Wall Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet - Doors ClosedFinally finished except for hanging chisels, screwdrivers, measuring devices, coping saws etc. in the doors. The tiger maple really shows itself, especially the door panels. The panels were originally from one very wide board, but owing to the tangential curvature of the plain cut, the center of the board didn’t have much figure. It all appeared on the outside of the board. So I ripped the boards down the middle, turned the two pieces so that all the figure was in the middle and glued them back together. Then I used my band saw to re-saw the boards to achieve 1/4 inch thick panels. Finally, I cut the panels to width keeping the glue line in the center. The result is a highly figured panel that shimmers in the light.

Wall Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet - Doors OpenThe is one significant change from the original SketchUp model. I made the drawers twice as wide reducing the number from four to two. This allows me to place things that are over one foot long in the drawers. In the picture at right you can see that I have yet to hang any tools in the doors. Placing tools is a very personal task and is best done over time as you understand how you will use the cabinet and the tools inside. It may take me six months or more to fully utilize the cabinet space. You can see that I have made room for planes I intend to buy in the future. Also there are shelves for some consumable materials that are frequently used and need to be close by, such as pocket joinery wood screws.

Wall Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet - Drawer OpenThe drawers currently contain my measuring devices, marking gauges, marking knives etc. Much of these things will also end up in the doors. It is unclear what the final use of the drawers will be. Originally the design had no drawers, but I was convinced by many woodworkers who had built their own chests to include a few. I generally find them a catch all, and hence difficult to organize. We will see.

Believe it or not, I paid about $1 a bd ft for the material. I almost never pay more than $2 bd ft for any of my wood. I have cultivated local sources and even cut my own on occasion. See http://www.srww.com/blog/?p=28 for a better explanation.

The project requires approximately 70 bd ft depending on your estimate of waste. Wall Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet - Drawer Full

I never keep track of my hours since this is a hobby and this project dragged on due to other family events and trips. Also, there is a lot of hand dovetailing, hand planing and hand sanding in this project, which takes quite a while. If I were to estimate the time it spent it would be a pure guess. That said, maybe 60 hours. But that is 60 hours of pure joy!

I may post one final update six plus months down the road when I have the cabinet full of woodworking toys. Til then, happy woodworking!

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2 Responses to “Wall Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet Update 5”

  1. Paul says:

    Great blog. Your tool cabinet really turned out wonderfully. I’m going to try my own version. Thanks.

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks Paul.

    Send me some pictures of it as you progress, if you don’t mind. I like to see what other woodworkers are doing.