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Vase & Flower - Sells For $27,000. Worth Every Penny!As a kind of annual spring trek my brother Clark and I visit the Woodworkers Showcase woodworking show presented by The Northeastern Woodworkers Association. It is held each year, usually the last weekend in March, at the City Center, Saratoga Springs, New York. Next year it will be March 31st and April 1st. Mark it on your calendar, because this show is the best woodworking show you will find.

Water Powered Woodshop Model, My Favorite.The show is not just for woodworkers, but anyone who appreciates art and fine craftsmanship. This year my daughter Summer, her husband James and James’ parents, Don and Ellen attended. None of them are woodworkers but they loved the furniture pieces, guitars, bowls and generally the artwork and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted Guitars - James Liked These.This year there were 40 free lectures and demonstrations ranging from hand carving to turning. I attended two 17th Century Carving lecture/demonstrations by Peter Follansbee ( and a turning demonstration by Lulia Chin Lee. There were numerous other lectures and demonstrations by Ernie Conover (planes and dovetails), Tom Wetzel (Windsor Chairs), Bob Van Dyke (mortise & tenons with a router), Bill Sterling (crafting acoustic guitars), Dave Mobley (inlays with a router), Chris Schwarz (tool chests), Lyle Jamieson (goblet turning), John Grossbohlin (the scrub plane), Chris Walker (marquetry the French technique), Sheila Bergner Landry (scrollsaw), Barbara Nottke (beginner’s scrolling), David Nittmann (airbrush color expression), Alan Craft (bandsaw setup and techniques) and yours truly (SketchUp).

I Can't Bring Myself To Eat Off These!Where Do You Get Figured Maple Like This?The majority of the displays are by hobbyist woodworkers. In fact the large display room is restricted to hobbyists. None of the woodworking displays are for sale, keeping that portion of the show a display only for art exhibition and appreciation. Professionals are relegated to a rather narrow and short display area called Featured Exhibit. This year’s featured exhibit was Grand Workbenches, although there were a couple of other pieces in that area. The makers of the benches each gave a one hour talk on their design and construction. Notable among them were Chris Schwarz and Lie-Nielsen.

The Sign Says It All.Patricia's Restored Desk With A Jeweler's Lathe On Top.Most pieces displayed at the Saratoga Showcase are of new or contemporary work. But at this year’s show there was a restoration project the caught my eye. It clearly has a story much deeper than the display can tell; a story of a love between a husband and wife.

Patricia Betterly, wife of Jack Betterly a jeweler, restored the roll top desk pictured in the poster shown left. The restored desk was on display shown right. It is one of the finest restorations I have ever seen. I was unable to look inside, but judging from the outside the amount of care and love put into this project was truly impressive.

_MG_1518This desk is apparently used daily in Jack’s shop for the repair and restoration of timepieces and jewelry. A close-up picture is shown at right. A small motor sits behind it and drives an adjustable pulley to control speed. The bed, headstock, rest and tailstock are like any you might see on a larger lathe. I would love to have seen what the turning tools look like. I was so curious that I went on-line and found a You Tube video on the basics of using a clockmaker/watchmaker/jeweler’s lathe. Apparently the motor is about 1/12 horsepower and the tools are a stubby version of those we woodworks use. Except for the size, this lathe would look right at home in my shop.

Good Night - Sleep Tight - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!In addition to woodworking displays there is also a large room for tools, machine and materials exhibits and sales. Lie-Nielsen and Lee Valley are always present as are many others. Hardwood suppliers are in attendance with some of the finest figured woods you can imagine.

A Tiger Maple Rock-A-Bye Baby.I never miss this show. Of all the shows I attend this is by far the best, especially the hobbyist’s pieces. Everything from chairs to lathe turned hats, period highboys to toys and musical instruments to benches are all on display; all crafted by some of this country’s best woodworkers.

Pure Artwork! Elegant And Beautiful.The setting is Saratoga Springs, a beautiful and small early colonial settlement. Saratoga played a major role in the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Saratoga sealed the fate of British General John Burgoyne’s army in the American Revolutionary War, and is generally regarded as a turning point in the war. Saratoga boasts the most beautiful and oldest race track in America and The Travers Stakes is the oldest thoroughbred horse race in America. Saratoga Springs is where President Ulysses S. Grant spent his final days while writing his memoirs and bathing in the springs to nurse his failing health. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is a cultural seasonal outdoor theatre that hosts summer theatre groups to pop artists. There are numerous and excellent restaurants and hotels in the city.

Now That's 3D!If you have never attended this show and live in the greater area make sure to see it next year. Even if you live a distance from Saratoga, NY, plan a vacation. Take in The Woodworkers Showcase along with a car tour of central to northern New England during sugaring season. I promise you won’t regret it. Let me know if you attend next year and would like to connect to talk all things woodworking.

A Bench To Die For.For more information on The Northeastern Woodworkers Association or the Woodworkers Showcase visit You might especially want to view the 2010 Showcase Winners at

For a complete set of show pictures click here.

Note: All pictures in this post were taken by me and are of pieces on display at Woodworkers Showcase 2011. None are my pieces. However, I did examine them critically and can vouch for their excellent craftsmanship.

Coat, Boots & Umbrella in WoodEach year the Northeast Woodworkers Association puts on a woodworking show in Saratoga, NY. In my opinion the best woodworking show I have seen and I have been to many. It is held at the Saratoga Springs City Center on March 26 and 27. If you want a preview of the show see my post The 19th Annual NWA Woodworkers Showcase 2010. It has plenty of pictures and a little on Saratoga, a beautiful area to visit, shop and dine; and in the summer see the horse races and a show at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. See for more information.

This year I will be giving introductory presentations on SketchUp; a beginner’s introduction and an advanced techniques introduction. See for the lecture and demonstration schedules. If you plan on going to the show please stop by to say hello and talk shop or SketchUp.

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