One of the truly nice things about a blog is that you get feedback from interested and helpful people. One such individual is Gidon Yuval. Gidon is a SketchUp Community Forums (SCF) Global Moderator who frequently posts in the SCF Woodworking Special Interests Group. He is a SketchUp expert and accomplished woodworker.

Gidon has been following the tutorials I have posted and has offered some alternatives to drawing tapered legs and mortise & tenon joints. To demonstrate his approach Gidon has modeled them in a SketchUp. With his permission I am posting them here for the benefit of those following my tutorials. You can download Tapered leg tut.skp and Apron tenon tut.skp by clicking on the hyper links provided. The apron tenon technique Gidon uses takes advantage of the “Intersect With Model” tool, which I have not introduced students to yet because I consider it a more advanced tool, but it is clearly the right tool for the job.

By the way, I would suggest, if you haven’t already, take a look at the SCF and the Woodworking SIG. You can use the links provided below. for SCF for Woodworking SIG

And while you are there drop Gidon a line and say thanks!

If you are interested in how I taper legs in the wood shop click here.