I have moved my blog to a self-hosted site powered by WordPress. This will make it easier for you to comment, and for me to manage my site. The look and feel will change over time. It will eventually be consistent with the rest of my web site (www.srww.com). But for now, please excuse the ongoing construction.

I have chosen not to moderate comments or require registration, but request that if you comment, please stay on topic and remain civil.

As the Chiefwoodworker at SRWW, (actually the only woodworker) I will be posting blogs from time to time. They will deal with anything woodworking that aids in the crafting of fine furniture. Many of my posts will deal with craftsmanship, methods and techniques. I will post reviews of new tools both hand and power. You can also expect to see a number of posts on Google’s SketchUp, which I use to design my original and reproduction pieces, in addition to producing shop drawings. As I craft furniture I will post on its progress, commenting on technique with the intent of opening a dialog. To that end, everyone is welcome to comment; actually you are very much encouraged to. I look forward to chatting with you.

I also hope to interest a few other authors to publish here. So if you are interested and are a woodworking junky drop me a line.

Joe Zeh a.k.a Chiefwoodworker